The HIP-HUGGER security wallet for men and women is the money belt alternative, that keeps passports, tickets, credit cards, travelers checks and more safe while traveling. Crafted from luxurious textured calf skin, the soft pliable HIP- HUGGER is comfortable to wear. The superior workmanship and functional compartmentalization guarantees many years of handy security. 

The HIP-HUGGER hangs comfortably against the hip, securely inside trousers or skirts, totally hidden from view. It is very handy, because it can be in service with a slight pull on the leather loop, and then tucked back in hiding in seconds. The HIP-HUGGER incorporates a zippered compartment on each side. One of the compartments has 6 stitched inner pockets for cards. The zippers are covered with leather and the loop is secured to the wallet with a rivet. A fail-safe security pin is included for beltless skirts and trousers. The soft and pliable HIP-HUGGER represents remarkable value for the money and the superior workmanship guarantees many years of security.



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