The AIRUN DVT cushion enables one to “walk” in a sitting position. This is possible due to its construction making the air move between four chambers under pressure. This walking action requires some effort thus stimulating the leg and foot muscles.

Do your legs ache after sitting a long while?

Sitting for long hours on an airplane or at work makes your legs ache. Your ankles also swell from such inaction. Without some movement, your leg muscles begin to feel numb. After a long flight, it is hard to fit your feet back into your shoes.

All of these problems are caused by insufficient blood circulation in the leg veins. Ultimately:

Inactivity of lower limbs leads to venous thrombosis.

This causes pain and swelling of the calves and feet.

The best prevention are leg exercises or walking.


Exercise with the AIRUN DVT to simulate walking.

Body heat generated using AIRUN DVT warms the foot and stimulates more blood circulation.

Exercise with the AIRUN DVT on trips, at the office, at home….anywhere!

What do the experts say?

Clinical tests have proven that exercising with AIRUN DVT aids in the prevention of blood clots in the leg veins.

Exercising with AIRUN DVT is easy!

Sit in a comfortable position and place your feet on the AIRUN DVT. Rest your soles on the forward air chambers of the cushion and your heels on the back air chambers.

Exercise One (Foot Muscles)

Press down on each chamber alternatively. First use the ball of the right foot and the heel of the left. Then switch chambers by pressing with the right heel and the ball of the left foot. The air movement between chambers requires enough effort to stimulate circulation in the legs.


Exercise Two (Leg Muscles)

Press down on the left side of the chambers, lift the foot and press down on the right. Continue to alternate feet. This assists in the prevention of blood clots, swelling and tired feeling in the legs.



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